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Living your Values – part 4

Hi Everyone,

Today I am continuing our look at personal values by beginning to put them into context with the rest of your life. There will be a few posts to follow on this subject as it is such a great start to creating a conscious life. read more

Living your Values – Part 3

Hi Everyone,

It’s been another  stunning Sunday and a week has flown by. Around the fields and woods in my local area of Harpenden, the trees are starting to change. The beautiful colours resonate with me and walking through the woods make me feel joyful and free. Being at one in nature is so calming to my soul. On my walks this week, I have been reflecting about how little time I now spend reading my books, and this seemed like a good starting point for my article today. read more

Living your Values – part 2

Hi Everyone,

How are you feeling on this Sunday morning? I’m looking out of my window into the garden and it’s a lovely autumnal day here in Hertfordshire, UK so I’m feeling good! I get up early to do my meditations and morning pages before I start to write my posts and it’s great to watch the sunrise and see what kind of weather is greeting me today. read more

Living Your Values- Part 1

Well hello there, my fellow serenity-seekers! It’s Sunday morning and great to be here with you today. I hope you’re feeling calm and peaceful and are looking forward to taking a little time to work on yourself. Today, I am going to look at personal values. read more

My Favourite 50 Happy Things

Hi Everyone,

I thought that I would write a list of my favourite things today. Sometimes it’s nice to drown yourself in a little warmth and  happiness, and I think Sunday is a great day for self-reflection. So here we go…
1. Candles – Scented from Espa or small tealights in Moroccan tealight holders
2. Blankets – soft and cosy to wrap up in during the winter sitting by the fire. Or while I sit in my hammock to read my book
3. Essential oils
4. Books – non-fiction preferably. There’s so much to learn! read more

My Favourite Essential Oils – part 3

Hi everyone,

How are you feeling this morning?  Is the sun shining where you are or is it a little cold and damp perhaps? A day to enjoy being outside, or one to snuggle down with your  fluffy blanket and warm socks? read more

My Little Box of Comforting Things

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just read a book that encapsulates everything I am talking about today.  The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking describes a concept in Denmark, hard to translate into English, but the essence reflects a calming sense of cosiness and feeling good. read more

My Favourite Essential Oils – part 2

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and having a great week so far. So, how are you feeling? I’m aware that your children will have gone back to school – primary or secondary – and you may have an empty house again. One child may have gone to school but you still have a toddler at home so life is busy and full-on. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, I hope the week is going well for you and you are managing to get some time to yourself to do a little meditating or journaling. read more

Creating Calm during Back to School Week – My Top Ten Tips

We find ourselves at the end of the summer holidays and the children are going back to school. This may be a time of sadness for you if you’ve enjoyed the time and settled into a routine together. Or you may feel some excitement at looking forward to a new term and time to yourself at last. There may be feelings of indifference or stress as you rush around getting everything ready for the school day. read more

My Favourite Essential Oils

Hi Everyone

After describing a day incorporating essential oils into my daily life in the previous post, I thought it would be good to look at the favourites that I keep in my toolbox. Each oil has a different quality and I use them for many different purposes depending on how I’m feeling. My oils are from Naturally Thinking as I love the larger 30ml bottles which last longer than the standard 10ml you can buy in chemists or health food shops. read more

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