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Why Do I Need Antenatal Education?

Like many others, I have been spending time in quiet reflection while watching the news, observing the events as they unfold in front of me. I am particularly interested in how we cope with the various setbacks and the impact that this has on our mental health. read more

A Silent Retreat

Last Sunday, I decided to devote a day to silence creating my own ‘Silent Retreat’. I had been drawn to using silence as a tool in the past but I never got round to booking a retreat. Life always seemed to get in the way. I had many conversations with Ruth from Mindful Pathway about the conscious use of silence as part of mindfulness practice and she had written a blog post for me (click here).  I felt that this was a perfect time to try a retreat with a view to recommending to my pregnant families in the future. As this is ‘Written in the Time of Covid’ (paraphrased courtesy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez), this retreat was taken at home. read more

A Quiet Labour

In the previous post, I talked about creating a quiet nine months by embracing positive introvert qualities. Today I am continuing along the theme whilst focusing on labour and birth. read more

A Quiet Nine Months

When I was pregnant and spending hours travelling to and from Kings Hospital where I worked, I spent time thinking about the changes I was about to face in my life. I reflected on my beliefs and values as I was about to find my feet as a parent and I came to the realisation that my introverted nature and the quiet confidence it gave me, really suited pregnancy and birth. read more

Your Pregnancy Self-Care Tookit. Updated for Covid-19.

Although this post has been written specifically for the pregnant person in mind, the ideas I talk about can be easily translated for anyone. I have said on a number of occasions when asked how I am, I respond with a pithy statement. As an introvert, I have been preparing for this moment all my life! This isn’t meant to be flippant or insensitive, it is my reality. Time alone is something I relish and I would like to spread some positivity and a little happiness at a time when both appear to be in short supply. read more

Five Tips from a Running Evangelist!

Are you looking for an activity that can help increase your fitness?
Something that will enable you to feel stronger, both mentally and physically?
An activity that fits in around other commitments in life?

I am a Running Evangelist, and I would talk about the benefits of running until I am blue in the face. “Why?” I hear you say, “It’s painful, tiring and hard work!” Yes, it can be all of those things, and that’s precisely why I love it so much! I have been on a running journey; indeed, I am ON that running journey, and I’d love to share that passion with you. read more

February Favourites

February is an interesting time of year. On one hand, we are in the middle of winter here in Hertfordshire with snow and sleet outside my window as I write this. read more

January Minimalism

I have been investigating minimalism over the winter period as I become more and more conscious about the stuff that I own. I am aware that in the past  I have flippantly bought more things because I just ‘felt’ like it. I have been looking at my need to buy from a number of angles – the ethical, the minimalist and the psychological and it’s been an interesting journey for me. read more

December in The Garden Sanctuary

I was thinking about a new direction for my blog posts and looking around at others blog posts I enjoy reading and reflecting on why I enjoy them so much. They tend to be centred around living a slower pace of life and savouring those special moments. The images are beautiful and the writing evokes happy memories. read more

Vision Boarding for Beginners

For those who haven’t heard of vision boarding, I’d like to introduce you to this art form. Using vision boards for a few years now, I have found that it can be a simple method of seeing your goals come to life. I really enjoy the process too. read more

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