A doula is a Greek term meaning caregiver. A doula is often a mindful person supporting the birthing person in their community, practically and emotionally. The role of the doula can be described as ‘mothering the mother’ (however you self-identify) and this feels like a great description of  what I do, caring for you physically, emotionally and practically during your pregnancy and birth.

I aim to provide evidence-based inclusive care to all parents – those who become pregnant through IVF, BAME families, everyone from the LGBTQ+ community, single parents, surrogate parents, those living with disability, parents undergoing a termination of pregnancy for whatever reason. I  welcome you all.

Email me with any queries : elisabeth@thegardensanctuary.co.uk

My doula background

I have a medical background having worked as a registered nurse in the past and I hold diplomas in reflexology, aromatherapy and pre-Conception and Pregnancy Reflexology Care, Life Coaching and Psychology. I have undergone a course ‘Bring Relief with your Debrief’ to help parents who have had a stressful and traumatic birth and would like support to carry with them for subsequent pregnancies.  I draw on my holistic education throughout my work as a doula.

I work with my doula colleagues in providing shared care. Please visit us at St. Albans Doulas 

My Pregnancy and Birth Package

Initial meeting free of charge

Two further meetings to discuss your birth preferences. I offer evidence-based antenatal education which helps you to make informed choices throughout your pregnancy and birth.

On-call 24 hours a day between 38-42 weeks of your pregnancy

Email and telephone support throughout the duration of the contract

Practical and emotional support during your labour and the birth of your baby

Reflexology appointment during pregnancy and postpartum at extra cost.

Visualisation and relaxation techniques

Library of resources including

  • A copy of St Albans Doulas Evidence-Based Care e-book with links to articles that can help you to make informed decisions.
  • Five e-book’s covering the main areas of our teaching. These consolidate the learning and help you to be fully informed of your choices.
  • Two St Albans Printables.

Text, Phone and Email support for 4 weeks after your baby’s birth.

One post-natal visit to discuss your birth and talk about how you are feeling in your new role.

Please contact me by email and we can discuss your doula requirements in order to provide you with a quote.