Hi Everyone,

It’s been another  stunning Sunday and a week has flown by. Around the fields and woods in my local area of Harpenden, the trees are starting to change. The beautiful colours resonate with me and walking through the woods make me feel joyful and free. Being at one in nature is so calming to my soul. On my walks this week, I have been reflecting about how little time I now spend reading my books, and this seemed like a good starting point for my article today.

I have always been an avid reader, and I would happily devour a number of different types of books a week. When my children were little, they saw books as a big part of my life and I found a way to make ‘addictive reading ‘work around my young family. It’s important to me that my readers are aware that the self-care topics I talk about in my posts are achievable to you with your young family.

Reading gave me a great deal of pleasure, but since setting up my business this year, my reading time has been taken up with writing blog posts, articles and emails, with networking in various groups and creating images for my website. These aspects are amongst other things you need to do when running your own business.

This has led to a clash in my values and causes me some pain. On one hand, I love learning and delving into a good non-fiction to pick up some hints, but on the other, my ambition for my business is pulling me the other way. I feel that tension when I get up and the little pile of books by my bed  that I used to read, look sorrowfully at me while I sit down at the computer and reply to emails or create a new image in Canva.

So I would like you to look at your list today and tell me which ones do not sit comfortably together?

Maybe you are a mum with young children, and you are desperately trying to maintain the sacred sanity of alone-time while balancing the needs of your family. The clash of family duty v solitude could cause difficulties for you and lead to some feelings of conflict.

Perhaps you are used to a level of fitness, but your new baby makes that difficult to achieve. You have to arrange childcare before you go out for your run and that makes it difficult to achieve, especially when you are tired. What can you do to feel better physically that fits in around your baby?

You may be a working mum desperately trying to compartmentalise your life so that you can balance your work, family and still see your friends and have fun. You can see three differing values competing and you may need to look at each one in turn. What is it about our work that you enjoy? Perhaps you want to make a difference, and work brings you that sense of satisfaction that you don’t get anywhere else in your life, but your time is severely limited. Your friends want to spend time with you, and you want to have fun with them, but things have changed for you since the baby came along.

So this is just a taster for you to think about this week. Let me know how you get on and where your conflicts lie. I will share some of my clashes with you in my  post next Sunday. Until then, have a great week and remember to make a little time for yourself.

Liz x