Hi everyone, how have you been feeling this week?  Have you managed to buy a journal to start a morning practice? I’d love to hear from you if you have. I’m looking forward to seeing images of your journals with you sitting serenely and peaceful beside them! Tweet me on @harpendendoula with your pictures and let’s start a journal revolution in the UK. How are those positive affirmations coming along?  It can be quite difficult to think about what you actually want especially if you are chasing your tail all of the time so maybe just jot down three. Think about what you would like in terms of your self-development, your family, friends, partner, health and wellbeing, spirituality and write one sentence about where you would like to be. Easy!journalsSo this week, I was looking through my journaling books for some blogging inspiration and I realised just how many I have. It’s lovely to see them all in a pile and think how exciting it will be to revisit them again.

Some of these I have acquired when we were holidaying in the States when the children were little. Morning Pages, Bullet Journaling,  Scrapbooking and Art Journaling are so popular over there and it’s a dream for a Brit to soak in the new ideas and inspiration.

The large Barnes and Noble bookshops are incredible to browse around for a few hours and I was in heaven when I visited. Luckily my family were aware of this when I visited as I would be there for some time…and I mean a LONG time!

They would settle themselves into the kids section followed by a Starbucks smoothie giving me some amazing alone time just browsing and looking at all the books I wanted to take home but my luggage allowance said ‘No’!
So here is a list of my top ten journaling books for you to try.


1. Write for Life by Shebherd B. Kominars – A super book to delve into with chapters such as Now and Zen and American Indian Spirituality and great ideas too, such as writing to leave a legacy for your kids. A little bit different.

2. Journal to the Self by Kathleen Adams – One of my favourites as it’s simple and clear and gives you lots of prompts to start you off.

3. The New Diary by Tristain Rainer – One of the classics along with At a Journal Workshop, not one for the newbie journal writer but great if you are looking to delve deeper into the subject.

4. Writing down your Soul by Janet Connor – Some great prompts in here.

5. The Untethered Soul – Michael A Singer – not strictly a journal workbook but a beautiful name and some thought-provoking questions to help you on your way.

6. Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie Dowrick – another of my favourites. I love her book Intimacy and Solitude so it follows that I really enjoyed this one. I like the way she writes and the format is very easy to follow.

7. Writing to Save your Life by Michele Weldon – A great book but more ‘wordy’ than some of the others so not so helpful if you are a busy Mum looking for some quick tips.

8. At a Journal Workshop by Ira Progroff. A classic for the seasoned journaler but not one for anyone new to the world  as it’s very in depth and quite wordy. Lots of ideas if you have the time to devote to it so don’t completely write it off.

9. Life is a Verb by Patti Digh – again, not strictly a journaling book but a lovely visual feast to inspire you.

10. Let it Out by Kate Dalebout – I am cheating by adding this as one of my favourites as I haven’t read it yet but I have it on good authority that it’s got some great exercises in it.

So that’s my top ten but no means exhaustive list of books on journaling. I would love to hear from you if you have any other books that you recommend .I am aware that there may be more out there for me to try and I love a new journaling book.

In the meantime, remember

1. Make time for yourself to clear your head and set your intention for the day (preferably first thing in the morning).

2. Write something in your journal daily even if it’s stream of consciousness and makes no sense!

3. Create your affirmations and feel how great it will be when you have achieved those things. You can do one affirmation per ‘Life Heading’ if that makes it easier to think of them.






Self Development

Health and Fitness

Your Environment – work and home.

Let me know how you get on, but in the meantime, enjoy your day and I’ll catch up with you next time.