My vlog today is a personal look at diet and losing weight as I have decided that I really need to make some changes to my lifestyle and weight is at the top of the list. Those who have known me over the years will have seen me in various shapes and forms. I have lost 3 stones on three different occasions…..and then piled it back on.

I seem to over-achieve at the ‘piling-back-on’ bit!!

So I’d love you to follow me on my journey to health and fitness and offer me ideas and suggestions whether or not you are a vegan. Recommendations for cheese substitutions are ALWAYS welcome:)

This video was taken a week ago so I am now on Day 15 so far.  I will be posting another next week to update you. So far I’ve lost a couple of pounds….very slow but going in the right direction (positive self-talk) And I’m STILL not hungry so that’s a great sign.