I’m conscious that some of  you may have read my blog last week and felt that my ideas were a little unrealistic in your circumstances.

The children are taking up all of your mental space and there just isn’t enough time in the day for you.

Maybe you feel that writing a journal is never going to happen and you would just be setting yourself up to fail?

You don’t have time to buy the food let alone go shopping for a journal.

This post is especially for you!

Today we are going to take a speedy look at

Five reasons why you need a journal in your life


Ten different types of speed journal for those with very little time

So let’s delve in! 


Five reasons to keep a journal

  1. It’s hard to make time to meditate and sometimes your ‘monkey mind’ can be very distracting. Writing in a journal can be a meditative, calming experience and forces you to sit down in a quiet place and reflect.
  2. The pleasures that arise from choosing a beautiful notebook and pen to write down your thoughts are simple but feel great!
  3. Journaling can help you to feel calmer. When you create time to write your daily pages you clear out your mind in preparation for the rest of the day. I have mentioned that I use an extra large Moleskine journal for this purpose but you don’t have to. A smaller notebook will suffice, it’s more important that it fits in with your life and you commit to it.
  4. Writing down your goals helps you to clarify what it is that you are looking for in your life. We will look at goals in a later blog but for the moment, just think about one emotion you would like to feel today. For example, mine would be a sense of inner peace. What can I do to create a sense of serenity in my life today?
  5. Improve your  creativity with an art journal. I will be writing about art journaling later in later posts but in the meantime, check out some of the Pinterest boards on art journals/creative journals for inspiration.
Peace and calm at The Garden Sanctuary

Peace and calm at The Garden Sanctuary

So, what journal would suit me?

The Daily Pages – daily stream of consciousness jottings adapted to fit your circumstances.

Bullet/list journal – using lists of items with bullet points is a great way of putting things down on paper. It’s quick but still offers you an opportunity to reflect on your thoughts. You can create a beautifully decorated bullet journal if you enjoy arts and crafts, or a functional list of lists on each page. It’s up to you. You could dedicate a page for lists such as all the things below.

Health Journal – food diary and exercise. So why can’t I lose that weight? What am I eating daily? How much water am I drinking? Exercise?

Gratitude Journal – 10 things I’m grateful for today. Head up the notebook with the date and bullet point all the wonderful things that make you happy.

Focus – what is my focus today. What will I do to achieve that one thing?

Book List – How about a page for non-fiction and one for fiction, creating bullet points for each book. Title, author, publisher and your thoughts. It’s great to look back on all the books you’ve read that year.

Goals – split over different pages according to the part of your life that you’re setting goals for. I will talk more about this in subsequent blogs but to get you thinking in terms of headings, here are some ideas:

Family, Friends, Business, Physical environment, Health, Finances, Spirituality, Self Development

Personal Development –  What do I need to do today that will move me closer to the person I want to be? List 5 things.

Affirmations – 10 affirmations a day. Written in the present tense as if they are part of your life now. They should also be in the first person and positive. For example “I am happy and fulfilled in my personal life” rather than “I don’t want to fall out with my kids today”

Meditation Journal – How many times did I meditate this week? How did I  feel? Was I frustrated because I couldn’t focus? Was I happy because I fitted in 5 sessions during a busy week? Daily meditation journal could bullet point the thoughts that came up and went during the meditation. What are my recurrent thoughts?

So that’s given you so ideas to be getting on with. Time is short but you really deserve this mental space so build it in and commit to it. Until next time, keep in touch and let me know how you’re getting on.