Well hello there, my fellow serenity-seekers! It’s Sunday morning and great to be here with you today. I hope you’re feeling calm and peaceful and are looking forward to taking a little time to work on yourself. Today, I am going to look at personal values.

I am sitting at my desk as I write this note to you. I love this desk as it’s a large, reclaimed wood dining table and has an incredible warmth and wisdom which helps me to clarify my thoughts. I often wonder what it was before it was my desk and I make up little stories in my head about its history and where the old wood came from.

I’m enjoying the warmth of the room and the candles softly flickering in the dark. I can smell the scent of essential oils softly lifting my spirit while I write my daily journal and affirmations. As soon as I empty my head onto the page, I’m ready to start today’s post.

img_4335 I’ve been thinking deeply about the subject this week. It’s taken me a long time to understand the power of living my values fully but now I understand the importance, I fully embrace the need for writing down the values that I live by.

I was first introduced to the concept when I did my coaching diploma 13 years ago, and I met people who were further along the self-development journey than I was. I learnt so much during my time learning the craft of coaching, and I loved working towards my diploma. It was not long after my fourth child was born and I was a little lost as to who I was. This course helped me get back on track, both by teaching me amazing things and by the people I met along the way.  It was here that I started to embrace the idea of how fundamental values are to your life. It opened my eyes and changed how I lived my life.

I was asked to look at the things in my life that mattered to me and to write them down, similar to my post ’50 Happy Things’. Looking at that list, you can see my values as you read my words. Values are your fundamental beliefs. They are your guiding force. Your reason to be.

So take your pen and your journal and find some space in your day to write down a list of 20 things that are imperative to you.

Look around at the space around you, what do you see?

Pictures of a lovely holiday you had this year?

Images of your toddler taking his first steps?

A funny snapshot of your dog?

Maybe, like me,  you have candles on your desk?

Incense filling the air?

Is there a pile of books waiting to be read ?

A radio playing quiet music in the background?

Spend time enveloping yourself in the things that matter and sit with the feelings that these items invoke.

Today’s task:

  1. Find 10 minutes to yourself in a safe space. Light a candle.  Play soft music if it induces a calm atmosphere. Lock yourself away. Feel the peace surrounding you.
  2. Take your journal and in it write a list of 20 things that make you happy.
  3. Reflect on what these items symbolise to you.
  4.  If you need some help with this exercise, I’ll give you an example.

img_4336 In my list, you’ll see candles, essential oils, the crackling sound of a fire, my journal. These things all represent tranquility, inner peace, and serenity. They also represent solitude and reflection. 

Enjoying time with my children on holiday, our precious time together. You’ll notice that family and connection are important to me.

Hearing and being heard – Listening and reflection are way up on my list. Sitting alongside someone on their life’s journey is something that gives me a great deal of pleasure. ‘Holding the space’ for a friend. Allowing them ‘to be’ without me trying to change anything about the situation or offer friendly advice. 

Self-development books/CD’s/Youtube – these tap into my need to be inspired and motivated. I have a thirst for knowledge and could stay up all night listening or reading as the time passes very quickly for me when I’m engrossed in a book.  

I would add art to this list as painting in my art journal and soaking up beautiful images that others have painted (Pinterest is a big favourite) taps into my creativity and imagination.  

And so on. I hope this list has given you a little inspiration for making some time to yourself and committing your values to paper. In my next post, I’ll talk about what to do when you have these principles written down.

If you are stuck and need a little help, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box below or email me. If you would like to share your values, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you’d like to tell me about your top three values. Are you making time for your art/your reading/your daily walk?

I’m looking forward to feeling inspired by your thoughts and comments. Until next time.

Liz x