Hi Everyone,

I’ve just read a book that encapsulates everything I am talking about today.  The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking describes a concept in Denmark, hard to translate into English, but the essence reflects a calming sense of cosiness and feeling good.

My post today looks at my top five comfort measures, my go-to box of tricks that get me through the day and night, things that mean something to me and bring me joy.

  1. Candles 

So where do I start? I picked up The Little Book of Hygge and found that the first chapter was written about candles. I thought to myself ‘I’m home!’. Candles represent a warming, comforting light that I can embrace in both summer and winter. I adore both my scented and unscented candles dotted around various areas throughout my home and ‘Bumble’ my clinic room.


Little tealights in Moroccan tea light holders are my thing at the moment. I had an amazing time when we were in Spain as the theme is very North Africa so I could have spent a fortune (if I could carry them home). The way that the light diffuses through the tiny holes, providing little glimpses of colour around the room is aesthetically beautiful and wonderfully meditative.

My scented candles are a mix between St Eval  (I particularly love their Inspiritus range) and Espa (both energising and soothing are wonderfully calming) but I do pick up some candles when I’m in Hitchin in a little shop called Harvest Moon.

2. My blankets

Blankets on my sofa, my bed, on the walls of Bumble, you may have guessed how much I love them. I find that they create a wonderful feel to my environment. I have a pretty merino wool blanket for the reading chair in my living room which is from Bronte and in my favourite colour of duck egg blue. Those of you who have been to my home will know that it is a shrine to the colour duck egg blue and Bumble is a little shrine to purple. I could write reams on the meaning of colours but that’s another post for another day.

img_4190There are some wonderful blankets made with all kinds of materials so pick a blanket that resonates with you and cuddle up this autumn.

3. Essential Oils

Of course, I couldn’t write a post about comfort without including my old friends, my essential oils. For these purposes, I would use Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, Lavender and Bergamot oils in various ways. I would add a couple of drops to my blanket (not the wool one though) or to my scarf. Maybe I would burn a combination of a couple of drops in a pretty burner beside my reading chair. Check out my previous posts on essential oils for some ideas.

4. Books

Books are my friend and provide me with a great deal of comfort. Although I have read most of the books on my various bookshelves scattered throughout the house, a few rogue copies are hanging around and I need to pick them up and start reading before I buy anymore!

I love my reading chair with standard lamp and candles for comfort on the coffee table beside me. It’s a perfect retreat where, in the winter, I spend my morning (before the children get up), write my journal and read a few chapters of my favourite book.  Bliss.

img_41915. Tea

I love tea! My kitchen worktop is covered with boxes of different types of tea – both loose and teabags. I start my day with a herbal tea of whatever takes my fancy at the time. I love Pukka and Heath and Heather  for the quality of the herbs and the variety. I  have a few boxes scattered around and  I love to choose according to how I’m feeling at the time.


Writing this post made me realise that there are other things I love that bring me comfort so I will blog about this topic again in the future. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you with your favourite things. Maybe you could start with the senses and base your ideas around one of them



  • What do you enjoy looking at? Do you enjoy a lovely view? If so, where would you view be? Art? Photography? Tell me which paintings you enjoy?
  • What scents do you enjoy? The smell of coffee? freshly cut flowers? clean laundry off the washing line?
  • What feels comforting to the touch? A warm, cosy blanket? A silk scarf around your neck?
  • What foods do you enjoy? A hearty stew? A slice of coffee and walnut cake?
  • What’s on your playlist? Are you a classical fan? Or is jazz your thing? Let me know.

Until next time, have a peaceful day and I’ll catch up with you very soon.