Hi Everyone

After describing a day incorporating essential oils into my daily life in the previous post, I thought it would be good to look at the favourites that I keep in my toolbox. Each oil has a different quality and I use them for many different purposes depending on how I’m feeling. My oils are from Naturally Thinking as I love the larger 30ml bottles which last longer than the standard 10ml you can buy in chemists or health food shops.


Geranium is thought to help balance hormones and relieve some of the symptoms of depression due to the oil’s bright qualities. I use this to help clients with the symptoms of pre-menstrual tension or pain during menstruation. It has a lovely floral scent which can be quite strong if used in large quantities so I keep it to a maximum of couple of drops and blend it with other oils. It can be used in a spray bottle to perfume a room. I use geranium coupled with rose in an oil blender to help scent my home.


Sweet orange oil is very soothing and a familiar scent for everyone. It can be combined with grapefruit oil and lime to create a wonderful spray for the home. It has wonderful uplifting qualities and can stimulate the mind so it is great to use in a burner when you are working at your computer.


A beautiful oil but very pricey so you tend to buy it already added to a base oil. It’s great for treating anxiety and depression as it has such a sweet scent that helps you to feel calmer. As it’s already mixed, I add a couple of drops to my shower gel or bath oil and blend with Ylang Ylang or Rose for a luxurious bath experience.


The only oil I buy from a different supplier. The scent from Le Chateau du Bois is incredible and well worth the extra cost if you are planning on using it in cosmetic products. Lavender can sometimes feel like a bit over familiar as it seems to be everywhere, but when you try a good quality oil, you can find yourself transported to a different place in your meditations. I use lavender in Grapeseed oil during my reflexology treatments as it can induce wonderful feelings of calm, I also use a few drops in my bath oil and combine it with a rose oil or ylang ylang.


My favourite oil as it has a wonderful scent, rather lemony and sweet and I love it in my shower gel. Worth bearing in mind that you shouldn’t use this oil if you have sensitive skin as it can cause a reaction. However, you can still use it in a diffuser or on a kitchen towel to scent the room if you are unable to use it on your skin.

The other oils I use are:




Ylang Ylang



Clary Sage




I will be talking about these little friends  in future posts.

I use my oils in my diffuser, individually or two or three blended together with water, or in a room spray to scent my home. I also combine them with a sweet almond oil for a foot massage or a tummy massage for pain. Or I may burn five drops of my favourite in an oil burner when I’m meditating as it helps me to relax and enjoy the feelings of peace and calm. I love to put them on my scarf so that I carry the scent around with me and it’s much cheaper than perfume (and better for you!). The possibilities are endless.

I hope you are enjoying trying some oils in your daily life. Looking forward to checking in with you all again soon.img_28431