Hi everyone,

How are you feeling this morning?  Is the sun shining where you are or is it a little cold and damp perhaps? A day to enjoy being outside, or one to snuggle down with your  fluffy blanket and warm socks?

I hope you have managed to have a look around at your favourite comforting things and picked a couple of items to embrace this week. Sometimes we are so busy that we miss the little things that bring us pleasure and my last post was attempting to take you back to the present moment. img_4222

In today’s post I am going to complete my series of three short articles looking at my fifteen favourite essential oils.  I will finish my journey by looking at Patchouli, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Petitgrain and Rosemary.


Patchouli is a thick, heavy oil with a strong scent. It’s not a smell that I use on its own but as part of a mix that I tend to vaporise at home. It adds a certain depth to the scent, and I like the accents it provides. I sometimes use it in a bath with Rose and Ylang Ylang or Lavender depending on how I’m feeling.

Clary Sage

One that I use with women in labour as it is thought to be an excellent uterine toner. Not everyone likes the smell, but it has such useful properties that it’s worth using in some circumstances. Not to be used during pregnancy for the reasons above.


A great oil to use when meditating as it is thought to have spiritually uplifting properties. I use this in my oil burner in the morning when I’m meditating and writing my journal. I enjoy the smell, and it helps me to focus on my day ahead.


One of my favourites, taken from the orange but doesn’t smell of orange at all. It’s quite a bitter scent, but I love using this to dot around the pages in my journals and on torn-up kitchen roll for my bag and purse.


I use Rosemary in the same way as I use Petitgrain, and the smell is great when combined with Petitgrain too. I have just been using these two oils on my travels when I placed both oils in my suitcase on some old facecloths. When I arrived at my destination and opened the case, the smell was exquisite.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my personal look at essential oils in these three articles. I find oils so versatile, and I like to share that with you so that you can use them in your daily life too.

Looking forward to catching up with you on Sunday when I will be talking about more comforting little friends I enjoy having around. Until then, have a great week!