I hope you are having a lovely week and enjoying the feelings of peace and serenity in your life. After my last post on ‘Creating a Calm Day’, I felt it may be a good time to discuss one of my favourite tools for creating that  intention. The word “Aromatherapy”  evokes some strong emotions in me and thinking about the pleasure I get from my oils, and the  presence of my little bottles take me to a very happy place.


The scent of my favourite essential oil hanging in the air helps me to feel more positive coupled with the  whole range of health benefits they offer. There are some wonderful oils and in this blog post, I’m going to show you how you can use them to help you create that calm life you are looking for.


As an example to help you think about how you can incorporate them into your day, I will show you how I use oils in my day-to-day life.


6am. My day starts with my morning meditation and journal writing. I will add a few drops of calming Rose or Bergamot essential oils to my burner and add some water so that the oils permeate the air around me. I will also have put a couple of drops of Rosemary and Patchouli oils on a tissue and left it in my journal overnight so when I open it, the smell is wonderful.


7am. I will shower with a basic clear shower gel such as this one from Naturally Thinking, my favourite go-to for all aromatherapy products. I add a couple of drops of Litsea to my shower gel as Litsea has an amazing lemony fresh scent that I love. I also use Litsea in a spray bottle and add some water and polysorbate (which helps it to mix) and spray it around my home.


8.30am I add a couple of drops of Petitgrain to some kitchen towel and put in my handbag, my purse and in any notebooks that I am writing at the time. When I open my handbag, the smell of the Petitgrain fills the area and makes me feel motivated and happy to write. I will also wear oils on my scarf and I love using a mix from Neil’s Yard called Woman’s Balance.


Neil’s Yard blends are great for a quick remedy as they come ready mixed and are easy to add to a base shower gel/bath oil/grapeseed oil but they are expensive so I only use a little and not very often.


13.00 Lunchtime. if I’m working at home, I’ll have my electric diffuser filled with Frankincense and Sweet Orange or perhaps Geranium and Patchouli. A few drops of oils mixed with some water and the scene is set for a productive afternoon.


15.00 A reflexology client comes to see me with a specific need. We’ve met before so I am aware that her PMT is really affecting her life. I have mixed  a remedy to help with her symptoms which I have used for myself and taken from The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood. For example, a remedy for the kind of PMT that makes you feel really angry with those around you is Palmarosa (10 drops), Bergamot (10drops) and Geranium (10 drops) mixed in 30mls of sweet almond oil and massaged into the tummy, back and around the hips. This mixture can also be used in the bath. (Worwood, 1991). I use this oil when giving her a reflexology treatment.


20.00 It’s time to start winding down and I love to have a bath with essential oils. For this, I use a plain bubble bath from Naturally Thinking and add a few drops of Lavender oil and chamomile to help calm me down for bed.


After my bath, I will have massage myself, paying special attention to my feet, with the same essential oil mix as above but in a body butter or a sweet almond oil. If I’m feeling very indulgent, I would wrap my feet in bags over night to let the thick cream and beautiful oils really soak in.


I hold a diploma in aromatherapy and use massage oils with essential oils in my work as a reflexologist. I enjoy reflecting on the wisdom of others to further my studies in this interesting subject and my favourite books are from Valerie Ann Worwood. She has written many books (the PMT mix is one of her recommendations) and I dip into her wealth of knowledge for new ideas.

I hope you enjoy your week and find a little space in your day just for you. Looking forward to hearing your comments and your favourite blends too.

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